Client Stories

A Sentimental ring

I have had the privilege of creating some very special commissions, including recycling customers sentimental jewellery to create bespoke pieces incorporating their own precious metal and gemstones. 

This 18ct gold and sterling silver ring was made by melting down inherited jewellery that the client treasured but didn't wear. A gold wedding ring had been so well worn it had almost worn through and an old sterling silver bangle had not seen the light of day for many years! I incorporated both into the design to create this unique modern ring that is robust enough to be worn every day and still carries all the sentimentality for the client. 


A Future Heirloom

I was commissioned by a client to create a ring incorporating an old gold wedding band, a silver bangle and a diamond from another ring. She liked my 'Molten Pebble collection' and we agreed upon a design that included three molten gold 'pebbles' with the central pebble featuring a flush set diamond. The client was delighted with the ring which she now wears everyday and she hopes will be passed down for many generations.